"He's never been in love before...he's never even been on a date."  

Is there a life beyond the safe melancholy of Mozart and Chopin for this isolated piano teacher?  Christopher has never thought so, until one day when a new student changes everything.

Christopher is played by David Beck.


"You're not know that, don't you, Ricardo?"  

Is there any hope for this confused, put-upon drug-dealer after an unexpected tragedy forces him to reimagine life?   

Ricardo is played by Giordan Diaz.



"She's a former junkie, so you know...she hallucinates."

Six months pregnant and seven years forlorn, Christopher's headstrong sister is determined to make amends to her baby brother and be the mother she never had.  If only that drug-dealing ex-boyfriend would get out of her heart.

Anna is played by Alanna Blair.  



"[He's] nobody we want to mess with."

He exchanged his guitar for a more glamorous life long ago, but this drug-stricken soul would do anything to get his love back.  Can he do it before it's too late?

Manny is played by Michael Earl Fajardo.



"I knew a guy...most twisted motherfucker you'd ever met.  But when he played his violin, he had this serenity about him.  Like he was an angel."

Sergio, a musical prodigy and a self-described sadist, will do anything for those he loves, including his best friend Manny and the tenderfoot Ricardo...even if it means destroying others in the process.

Sergio is played by Luis Villalobos.  


"If you knew Grammy, you knew she could charm her way into anything."

Her untimely death propels the action of the entire series, but how exactly did she die? Was she truly just an eccentric alcoholic who fell into the subway tracks? Or is there more to the story...

Maggie/Grammy is played by Rosina Fernhoff.


"Of course I love your drugs, but I'm not a mess.'re a mess. I maintain."

At the beginning of our story, Yara is Manny's lady of the hour, but does she love Manny's drugs more than she love his soul? 

Yara is played by Dolly Mariah.


"It's not a rule. It's a suggestion."  

Elena is Anna's sponsor in recovery, and this seems to be her motto. Take whatever works for you; leave the rest. But does her way of thinking interfere with other people's lives when she takes her convictions too far?

Elena is played by Nairoby Otero


"When I pick up, I have no life. I'm this carnal version of myself that's either looking to pick a fight or suck a dick."

Betty is a friend we meet in recovery, going through her own life's problems, but serving others for her own sobriety. Don't  think there's enough Betty in Season One? Watch out for more of her in Season Two!

Betty is played by Jennifer Bobbi.